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Five great books for new solopreneurs

New to biz? Welcome to an amazing learning journey! There's so much to learn as you transition into entrepreneurship. So many of my clients are avid, lifelong learners so this is one of the best parts of starting a new business.

[Photo credit: Alexander Grey, Unsplash]

My bookshelf sports a handful of books that I recommend over and over again, so I thought I'd list them here. Click through to Medium to get a bit more about why I like each one!

If your "business" shelf is bare and you're looking for truly excellent reads to get started, these are my top five business books (in no particular order):

  • Running Lean by Ash Maurya

  • The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran & Michael Lennington

  • The Ultimate Marketing Engine by John Jantsch

  • Will It Fly by Pat Flynn

  • Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams

Read more about each book on the full Medium post, and which one's right for you.


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